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Chris McClelland a finalist in the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize 2013 in Adelaide


A Formidable Display

A Formidable Display of Hippos fighting

The most important thing with any drawing I do is to plan it well.  After all I may be spending the next 200-300 hours on it and every drawing I do goes to print upon completion.

While I always focus on one drawing at a time I do nevertheless plan the next one and may do a bit of a scribble on a piece of paper of a rough idea before developing it further with a more detailed sketch.

As far as my work is concerned detailed research of any proposed wildlife drawing is absolutely essential – you must know your subject and its natural surroundings well.  Many wildlife artists do not.

Fortunately I can draw on my knowledge of animal behaviour from countless trips to Africa observing them. Africa gave me the passion to draw – and the great advantage with its still bountiful and visible wildlife in places is that so much is known about each species through eager research.

As a wildlife artist I like to tell a story, maybe one of the many experiences or dangerous incidents that I have witnessed with wild animals such as a charging elephant, Painted hunting dogs attacking a persistent, and not easily persuaded hyaena or an awesome visit to a family of mountain gorillas on the fan-slopes of Mount Sabinyo in Zaire where I was grabbed by the silverback Marcel.


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