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Chris Wins Kenneth Jack Memorial Drawing Award 2015

The African Big Five

 The Hunter’s Five,

This drawings won the wonderful Kenneth Jack Memorial Drawing Award 2015.  This was announced on Wednesday, 1st April at the AGRA Gallery, 1 Inglesby Road, Camberwell, Victoria.  Kenneth’s widow, Betty Jack with their son David and daughter Heather were there to present Chris with a painting done by Kenneth in 1963 plus the winner’s certificate.  Robert Wade said about the drawing”Amazing ability shown by the artist, I believe that even the pencils themselves would have been bewildered by the wonderful effects that the artist was creating with them!  An absolute stand out!”  Gallery hours after Easter Wednesday – Friday 10 am to 4 pm Saturday – Sunday 1 pm to 4.30 pm

Chris McClelland a finalist in the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize 2013 in Adelaide


A Formidable Display

A Formidable Display of Hippos fighting

The most important thing with any drawing I do is to plan it well.  After all I may be spending the next 200-300 hours on it and every drawing I do goes to print upon completion.

While I always focus on one drawing at a time I do nevertheless plan the next one and may do a bit of a scribble on a piece of paper of a rough idea before developing it further with a more detailed sketch.

As far as my work is concerned detailed research of any proposed wildlife drawing is absolutely essential – you must know your subject and its natural surroundings well.  Many wildlife artists do not.

Fortunately I can draw on my knowledge of animal behaviour from countless trips to Africa observing them. Africa gave me the passion to draw – and the great advantage with its still bountiful and visible wildlife in places is that so much is known about each species through eager research.

As a wildlife artist I like to tell a story, maybe one of the many experiences or dangerous incidents that I have witnessed with wild animals such as a charging elephant, Painted hunting dogs attacking a persistent, and not easily persuaded hyaena or an awesome visit to a family of mountain gorillas on the fan-slopes of Mount Sabinyo in Zaire where I was grabbed by the silverback Marcel.


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