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Art-E-Facts Youtube featuring Chris McClelland in his Studio

Please enjoy seeing Chris in his Studio – Chris McClelland Gallery, 84 Lachlan Street, Hay NSW

Spencer McGill from South West Arts based in Deniliquin came and interviewed Chris in his Studio

South West Arts Inc – Developing Arts and Culture across the South West of NSW


Chris has a drawing in QWASI’s Exhibition International Nature in Art

QWASI Art Invite 2016

Chris’s coloured pencil drawing “The Hunter’s Five” is on display at the Queensland Wildlife Artists Society Inc exhibition International Nature in Art

Chris was at the “Logan Art Gallery” on Saturday 9th July.   The exhibition will be on until 20th August at the Logan Art Gallery, Corner Wembley Road and Jacaranda Avenue

 Please go and see some wonderful wildlife artworks.

The Matriarch and Son

Matriarch & Son

The Matriarch and Son drawn by Chris with Graphite pencils.  I am sorry but the drawing will become very long when published, it is usually wider.

“I did this drawing for a special cousin who, when hearing that I was now drawing elephants, said she would love to have a sketch of an African elephant and calf.”
We went into a Limited Edition Reproduction Prints and the edition has now been sold out.  The only way to buy a print now is from a private collector.
This is the second African drawing after our trip to Africa in 1994 the passion continues 21 years later!  I will gradually re introduce Chris’s drawings to you.  He only draws about 4 to 5 drawings a year.  Please come and visit Chris in his Chris McClelland Gallery, 84 Lachlan Street, Hay, NSW Australia.  You will catch him drawing or teaching others to draw.

Tasting the Waters

Tasting the waters of the Zambezi

An elephant family coming down to the Zambezi  River to drink


I thought you would be interested to see how Chris’s passion to draw African animals developed since 1994.  This is his first drawing African drawing.  At this time Chris was a manager of a large sheep station in the western Riverina of NSW near Hay.  He would come in at night after a long day out and would draw to relax late into the night and was able to sleep.    I think he would forget all the worries of the Station as the African animals appeared on the page.

The first African drawing as Chris started to illustrate his book he had written of our trip in 1994.
“This drawing is based on our first sightings of elephants in the wild.  We saw a group of elephants drinking at a small stream off the Zambezi River while we were boating up river.  They paid little heed to our presence on the water. Little did we realise at the time of this first African safari, the truth behind the old African proverb “He who drinks at Africa’s wells will always return to drink again”.  We have many times.” quote from Chris
Graphite Pencil – Reproduction prints available
I will start adding some his drawing with his quotes and you will see with interest how his drawings have developed over the 20 years.

Chris Wins Kenneth Jack Memorial Drawing Award 2015

The African Big Five

 The Hunter’s Five,

This drawings won the wonderful Kenneth Jack Memorial Drawing Award 2015.  This was announced on Wednesday, 1st April at the AGRA Gallery, 1 Inglesby Road, Camberwell, Victoria.  Kenneth’s widow, Betty Jack with their son David and daughter Heather were there to present Chris with a painting done by Kenneth in 1963 plus the winner’s certificate.  Robert Wade said about the drawing”Amazing ability shown by the artist, I believe that even the pencils themselves would have been bewildered by the wonderful effects that the artist was creating with them!  An absolute stand out!”  Gallery hours after Easter Wednesday – Friday 10 am to 4 pm Saturday – Sunday 1 pm to 4.30 pm

Chris is the “Artist of the Day”

Don't You Dare!!

Don’t You Dare!!

Chris has been a member of the Artists for conservation for a number of years.    http://www.natureartists.com   Artists for Conservation – Nature Art – Wildlife Art – Conservation.    The Artists for Conservation Foundation (AFC) is a non-profit, international organization dedicated to the celebration and preservation of the natural world. Based in Vancouver, Canada, the Foundation represents the world’s leading collective of artists focused on nature and wildlife, with a membership spanning five continents and twenty-seven countries. The organization’s mission is to support wildlife and habitat conservation, biodiversity, sustainability and environmental education through art that celebrates our natural heritage.

A Formidable Display

A Formidable Display of Hippos fighting

“A Formidable Display” is now on display  at the Arizona Sonora Desert Museum, USA for the Artist for Conservation exhibition.  It will be there until March.  It was in the AFC exhibition at Vancouver in Canada in September, 2014.  This drawing was a finalist in 2013  Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize in Adelaide. Also  the winner of the “Aniamls in Art” Exhibition held at the  Australian Guild of Realists Artists (AGRA) Gallery, Camberwell in Melbourne 2013.

Check out this web site  http://www.natureartists.com/   View Chris’s drawings on line today or else go to www.wildprints.com.au  ENJOY!!

Australian Kelpie mustering sheep

Chris McClelland’s latest drawing which shows his ability to capture life on the land.  Chris spent 40 years working in the Australian outback running sheep stations.  Prints are available for sale.   http://www.wildprints.com.au/australian-gallery-shearing.html  click on here to find the info.  Enjoy the drawing!!

Don't You Dare!!

Don’t You Dare!!

Chris McClelland a finalist in the Waterhouse Natural Science Art Prize 2013 in Adelaide


A Formidable Display

A Formidable Display of Hippos fighting

The most important thing with any drawing I do is to plan it well.  After all I may be spending the next 200-300 hours on it and every drawing I do goes to print upon completion.

While I always focus on one drawing at a time I do nevertheless plan the next one and may do a bit of a scribble on a piece of paper of a rough idea before developing it further with a more detailed sketch.

As far as my work is concerned detailed research of any proposed wildlife drawing is absolutely essential – you must know your subject and its natural surroundings well.  Many wildlife artists do not.

Fortunately I can draw on my knowledge of animal behaviour from countless trips to Africa observing them. Africa gave me the passion to draw – and the great advantage with its still bountiful and visible wildlife in places is that so much is known about each species through eager research.

As a wildlife artist I like to tell a story, maybe one of the many experiences or dangerous incidents that I have witnessed with wild animals such as a charging elephant, Painted hunting dogs attacking a persistent, and not easily persuaded hyaena or an awesome visit to a family of mountain gorillas on the fan-slopes of Mount Sabinyo in Zaire where I was grabbed by the silverback Marcel.


An original Chris McClelland Drawing won by a Hay man on Anzac Day 2013

Clive Davenport wins the original drawing of Those Marvellous Bl

Clive Davenport was presented with his new original drawing by Chris McClelland after his raffle ticket was drawn at the Hay Services Club.  Lurleen Mitchell (Treasurer), Chris McClelland (the artist), Jim Cooper (President),Clive Davenport (New owner of the drawing) and Patricia Boyd (Secretary) at Hay Services Club on Anzac Day 2013


“Those Marvelous Bloody Horses” original drawing was given to new owner on Anzac Day 2013.

The original drawing of “Those Marvelous Bloody Horses” was won on Anzac Day by Clive Davenport of Hay.

He came around to the Hay Services Club to be presented with the winning drawing.

Chris drew this drawing and gave it to the Hay Light Horse Memorial Association to raffle. This was to raise funds to help build a memorial for the Light Horse in Hay.  A large number of Hay men were in the Light Horse regiments.  They hope to have a memorial built in time for the Centenary of the
Battle of Beersheba on 31st October 2017.

A drawing with a message: Chris Awarded a prize at the Kenneth Jack Memorial Drawing Prize





Chris Awarded a prize at the Kenneth Jack Memorial Drawing Prize

This is the Message  that is in the drawing  of “Child of Tomorrow” by the Artist – Chris McClelland

 Each day dawns without  favour and every species takes it’s chances.  Our survival is not assured no matter what our faith.  We have reached  crisis point on this planet where we must first acknowledge then correct the unchecked growth of humanity whose spread and dependency, depletes and destroys an almost exhausted earth of its wildlife, forests, wilderness and once healthy waterways.  We may foolishly blame everything else to no avail.

The ‘child of tomorrow’ , whose so called primitive and simplistic society has learnt to live in harmony and spirit with Mother Earth may in the end by the only survivor to rebirth our species – but any wiser?

This drawing was given a Highly Commended Award at the Annual “Drawing: The Essential Art 2013 being held at the Australian Guild for Realist Artists Galleries Cnr Inglesby & Camberwell Roads Camberwell 324.  the Gallery is closed over Easter. Opens. Wednesday – Friday 10 am – 4 pm Saturday & Sunday 1 pm-4:30 pm

Chris puts a lot of thought into his drawing whether it is wildlife or people.  The drawings all tell a story.  check out our website    www.wildprints.com.au    for more drawings

Enjoy this one now


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